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English Mace

Achillea ageratum

Sturdy clumps of narrow, aromatic, toothed green leaves which are excellent for use in stews, salads and potato salads.

Topped by delicate clouds of small creamy, daisy-like flowers in Summer which are long-lived and the plant may bloom well into the Autumn. The flowers are ideal for cutting and drying. 

Stiff stems require no staking and make this an ideal plant for height in exposed and windy sites. Drought resistant.

Fully hardy perennial.

Leaves of this plant added to the compost bin will speed up the process (much like comfrey but, far less invasive) and the phosphorous, calcium and silica exuded by its roots will help improve the health of surrounding plants in the garden.

Flowers attract hoverflies and ladybirds.



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