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Arbutus unedo

Strawberry Tree

A delightfully unusual evergreen rounded shrub or small tree for spectacular late Autumn / early Winter interest in the garden.

Masses of white, urn-shaped flowers tinged with pink are gorgeously honey-scented and hang in large clusters from the branches in the Autumn. They are perfectly set off against the backdrop of glossy, dark green leaves.

The flowers don't turn into strawberries until the following year but, are well worth the wait as the striking scarlet fruits look simply stunning amongst the following years flowers and really lift the spirits at an otherwise drab time of year.

These tempting looking round, strawberry-like fruits are edible but, the flavour is pretty insipid. Far better to leave them for the birds to enjoy.

Fairly slow growing it may reach 3m after 15yrs.

Very hardy down to temperatures of -15C once established. However, young plants will require some Winter protection (horticultural fleece or straw).

Happy in any soil but, will establish more readily if given a good helping of well-rotted compost or manure when planting.

Dislikes extremely acid soils.

As its flowering and fruiting all happen late in the year, it makes an ideal framework for a not too vigorous Summer-flowering climber.



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