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Hedysarum coronarium

French Honeysuckle

Huge, red, clover-like flowers spikes are sweetly scented on this unusual and highly prized shrubby perennial.

Attractive pinnate foliage is silver edged and silver backed and forms on strong, well branched stems.

Also known as French Honeysuckle, the richly scented, exotic-looking, pea-like flowers are nectar-rich and attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Reaches a height of approx 3ft (90cm) and is stunning at the back of a border amongst tall perennials.

Prefers a moist site in sun or partial shade in any soil.

Short lived (four or five years).

Hedysarum coronarium is, as the flowers would suggest, a legume (like peas or beans),as such it can be used as a soil improver as it fixes nitrogen from the air into the soil.This will in turn feed and improve the flowering and health of surrounding plants and when it finally turns up its toes, will leave the soil nice and healthy for the next round of planting.


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