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Lupinus arboreus blue-flowered

Blue Tree Lupin

A rarer blue version of the popular Yellow Tree Lupin with pretty bi-coloured blue-purple flowers. A fast growing, semi-evergreen mid-sized shrub (rather than a tree) growing to approximately 1.2m tall (4ft) with a similar spread.

Spikes of fragrant blue and mauve pea-like flowers up to 1ft long cover the plant throughout the summer months and are excellent for cutting.

Pale, grey-green palmate foliage is nicely bushy and looks so pretty dappled with dew or after rain.

Grows well in coastal areas and will shelter less wind-tolerant plants on exposed sites.

Ideal for naturalising on a sunny bank and stunning as a specimen shrub or at the back of a mixed border.

Prefers a light, poor soil with reasonable drainage, making it ideal for growing against walls or over builders rubble where few other things would normally survive.

Happy in sun or part shade.


Royal Horticultural Society - Award of Garden Merit


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