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Polemonium Lambrook Mauve

Jacob's Ladder

A Polemonium with a softer, more delicate, mound-forming habit than its relatives. Rosettes of bright green foliage, composed of pairs of leaves which resemble the rungs of a ladder. (Hence its common name). Foliage is evergreen, making this a handsome addition to the garden year-round.

Massed clusters of cup-shaped, fragrant, lavender coloured flowers to 40cm high from spring to mid-summer. Flowers will withstand being completely frozen in early spring.

Cut flowering stems down to ground level as the flowers fade to encourage a second flush of flowers in late summer.

Happy in sun/ part-shade on any moist soil. Height and spread 45 x 60cm.

Really easy to grow and trouble free.

Flowers are extemely long lasting and stay looking great for ages! - This is one of our personal favourites.


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PRICE £6.50