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Ribes odoratum

Golden Currant, Buffalo Currant

The most strongly scented of all the flowering currants. Pale yellowish-green flowers in small bunches cover the branches in spring just as the leaves begin to emerge. Sweetly scented of cloves, they fill the air with a rich, spicy fragrance in March and April.

An arching shrub with mid-green aromatic leaves that turn a stunning shade of bronze/red and purple in autumn.

All species in the Ribes genus produce edible fruit. The fruits of Ribes odoratum are glossy black and sweeter than a blackcurrant. The flowers are also edible but eating them will obviously reduce the fruit yield.

Extremely hardy, tough and resilient, happy in sun or part shade, with a long season of interest make this a must have for any garden!

Good for bees, butterflies and birds.


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