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Sambucus nigra f.porphyrophylla Eva

Black Lace Elder

The almost black, fine, lacy foliage of this mid-sized shrub is almost like that of a Japanese Maple and would make a superb specimen plant. Placed at the back of a mixed border it will show off perennials to their best advantage and would make an attractive screen or hedge.

Grow in full sun for the darkest, sultriest foliage colour, though it will tolerate shade.

The dark filigree foliage provides the perfect backdrop for wide, flat umbels of pretty pink, lacy flowerheads in early summer. The flowers are richly perfumed and as with all Elders, make a delicious Elderflower wine. The flowers are followed by edible, glossy red-black berries in autumn.

Unlike the Maple, Sambucus is far less sensitive and will grow just about anywhere. Tolerant of waterlogged soils, heavy clay, thin chalky soils and not fussy about acid or alkaline conditions.

Absolutely stunning and so easy and adaptable.

Prune hard after flowering to encourage bushier growth and better foliage colour or to maintain size.


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