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Serpent Garlic

Allium sativum ophioscorodon, Rocambole Garlic

Grown for its unusual, coiling stems which twist, serpent-like into double loops before straightening out to flower.

Flowers are starry white and appear from July - August.

All parts of this plant are completely edible and delicious eaten raw or cooked. This variety contains all the same potential health-giving properties as ordinary garlic and would make the perfect, unusual addition to a herb or kitchen garden. Alternatively, plant in a border among dense clumps of foliage where its unusual form contrasts beautifully against other, more conventional-looking plants. Ideal for bringing a touch of humour to the garden.

Allium sativum ophioscorodon will succeed in most positions but, would prefer some sun/ light for at least part of the day. Happy in any soil.

Attracts bees and other pollinators.
Fully hardy


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