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Fragrant Plants

Hemerocallis Pardon Me£6.50

Hemerocallis Pardon Me

Small but richly fragrant, bright red flowers with a chartreuse green throat look truly exotic. Gorgeous againsy a backdrop of strap-like, arching...
Hemerocallis Stella D'Oro£6.50

Hemerocallis Stella D'Oro

Stunning exotic-looking blooms in a velvety orange-yellow 2.5" across. They look gorgeous set against the backdrop of strappy, bright green...

Hesperis matronalis£5.99

Hesperis matronalis

Deliciously scented lilac flowers are massed on stems up to 1m high in early Summer and fill the air with perfume. Looks fabulous in a billowing mass...
Jasminum beesianum£7.99

Jasminum beesianum

Jasminum beesianum is an unusual, evergreen climber with fragrant, tubular, reddish pink flowers, borne in clusters from late spring to early summer....

Lonicera x brownii Dropmore Scarlet£8.99

Lonicera x brownii Dropmore Scarlet

A stunning Honeysuckle with bright scarlet, often very fragrant, long tubular flowers from mid-Summer - late Autumn. In a hot Summer the flowers are...