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Fragrant Plants

Rose 'Comte de Chambord'£12.95  £8.00
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Rose 'Comte de Chambord'

Very pretty, warm pink, full-petalled blooms open flat and quartered.  A Portland bush rose, originally introduced in 1860, with a vigorous, erect...
Rose 'Let's Celebrate'£12.95  £10.00
Save: 23% off

Rose 'Let's Celebrate'

A strikingly unusual rose with silvery white, ruffled petals, heavily blotched with purple-mauve.  Winner of the Gold Standard Rose Award for superb...
Rose 'Pomponella Fairy Tale'£14.95  £10.00
Save: 33% off

Rose 'Pomponella Fairy Tale'

Dark pink, globe- shaped flowers are tightly cupped and very double, opening from appealingly spherical buds. Blooms are formed in dense trusses and...

Rose 'White Meidiland'£12.95  £10.00
Save: 23% off

Rose 'White Meidiland'

A blizzard of pure white, large, very double blooms cover this low, spreading shrub from May, right through until September.  Growing to only 60cm...
Wild Thyme£2.95

Wild Thyme

This is our British native species of Thyme (and our namesake!). A charming evergreen groundcover with a creeping habit. Equally useful in the...