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Other plants

Angelica 'Ebony'£6.00

Angelica 'Ebony'

This stunning, architectural perennial has an upright habit and sultry, dark purple foliage. The leaves flush dark green in high summer and provide...
Campanula takesimana 'Elizabeth'£6.50

Campanula takesimana 'Elizabeth'

Large, pinky-maroon, nodding flowers on slender stems.  Blooms June-August.  Forms a really good clump with lots of flower stems.  Excellent cut...
Iris 'Cherry Garden'£6.50

Iris 'Cherry Garden'

Deep, wine-red flowers with purple-blue beards give the same dramatic impact as their taller cousins, but smaller in stature and earlier blooming...

Narcissus 'Elka'£4.45

Narcissus 'Elka'

Like a larger 'Tete-a-Tete' but in the most perfect ivory, a very classy daffodil, ideal for pots and containers and the front of a bed. It's very...

Narcissus 'Replete'£4.45

Narcissus 'Replete'

Pretty peachy pink ruffles surrounded by clean white outer petals make this stunning pink daffodil a welcome addition to any border. A rare and...
Narcissus bulbocodium conspicuus£4.00

Narcissus bulbocodium conspicuus

Improved form of Bulbocodium which is much more free-flowering (up to 15 flowers per bulb.)  These miniature blooms produce wide, cone-shaped, lemon...