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Helleborus orientalis 'Double Queen Mixed'

Christmas Rose

Large nodding, ruffled blooms with speckled petals in a range of colours from soft rose pinks, deep maroons, slate blues, yellow-greens and creamy whites.

This really beautiful winter-flowering plant begins blooming in mid-winter as temperatures plummet and brings a welcome splash of colour to the garden at its most barren time of year.

Excellent for naturalising under trees and perfect for a shady border. Hellebores will thrive in brighter conditions but, really come into their own in quite deep shade where nothing much will grow and where their large, showy blooms are even more appreciated.
Mounds of glossy, dark greeen, evergreen foliage make this a handsome addition to a border year-round.

Easy and trouble free. Forms good, large clumps over time which can be divided.

Makes excellent cut flowers and flowers can be dried too.

Fully hardy in even the most severe winters.

n.b Plant supplied will be only one of the colours listed above. We cannot specify a particular colour,


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