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Wild Flowers

Here at Wild Thyme Plants we pride ourselves knowing our Cowslip from our Devils Bit Scabious. Our enthusiasm for Britain's wild flowers means that we strive to bring you the best range of some of the sadly declining favourites we used to see in our hedgerows.



Bright yellow flowers are produced on long, slender spikes from June - September on this graceful, hardy perennial. Perfect for naturalising under...
Bladder Campion£4.99

Bladder Campion

So-called because of the distinctive large, pink-flushed, balloon-shaped swellings, behind each of the white flowers. A tall, airy meadow plant...
Clustered Bellflower£4.99

Clustered Bellflower

Also known in some areas as 'Dane's Blood', Clustered Bellflower produces masses of deep, violet blue flowers all summer long from June - October....



Common Knapweed£4.95

Common Knapweed

Also called Black Knapweed, the tightly packed reddish-pink flower heads on erect stalks have the appearance of soft thistles with their distinctive...
Common Valerian£4.95

Common Valerian

This clump-forming hardy, herbaceous perennial has delicately vanilla-scented flowers which attract insect pollinators.  Densely packed, pale pink/...



This downland version of Meadowsweet has delicate, fern-like foliage which forms a neat, basal rosette. Flowers are more open, cup-shaped, often...
Field Scabious£4.95

Field Scabious

The tallest of our native Scabious, growing up to 1 metre in height, it flowers all Summer long from July to October providing high quality nectar...
Greater Knapweed£4.95

Greater Knapweed

Big reddish-purple solitary flowers with long spiky outer petals and blackish-brown knobbly bracts up to 1m tall. This a truly striking plant and an...