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Autumn Hawkbit

Scorzoneroides autumnalis (syn. leontodon autumnalis)

Attractive yellow, dandelion-like flowers grow in loose clusters and are slightly smaller and more delicate than their thuggish cousins. June- October.

A useful indicator of old meadows, Autumn Hawkbit is perfect for growing in a wildflower meadow that you are establishing or for growing in a flowering lawn. It will tolerate mowing and grazing, still flowering but, at a much lower height.

Rosette-forming with long, toothed leaves, a long-lived, hardy perennial, similar to Catsear and not to be confused with Rough Hawkbit.

Height 15cm - 50cm (6" - 18") - depending on whether plants are grazed or mown during the growing season.

Happy in any soil in full sun or partial shade.

Fully hardy.


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