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Bird's-foot Trefoil

Lotus corniculatus

Birdsfoot Trefoil gets its name from the clusters of cylindrical seed pods that resemble a bird's pronged feet. Its common name - Eggs and Bacon refers to the sunny yolk-coloured flowers, bursting forth from red-streaked buds.

It flowers enthusiastically from May to September and is often grown by beekeepers as a good source of nectar late in the summer when pollen and nectar are scarce.

It forms extensive carpets in meadows and on sea cliffs and its low, creeping nature makes it ideal for a wild lawn or wildflower-rich bank. Depending on local conditions and how regularly it's mown, its height varies between 10-40cm.

Happy and utterly hardy in all but the most acidic and infertile soils.

Prefers an open, sunny site.


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