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Symphytum officinale

Everyone should have some Comfrey growing in their garden! This plant has so many uses and is absolutely invaluable for using on the compost heap or as a plant fertiliser.

Large hairy oval leaves and tubular nodding flowers in bi-coloured shades of pink, purple and blue in summer.

Comfrey is very deep rooted and harvests nutrients from deep in the ground, bringing them to the surface via its leaves. These leaves can then be harvested and used on the compost heap as an activator to speed up the composting process, enriching the heap at the same time. Alternatively, use as a mulch around young vegetable plants. The leaves act as an effective slug deterrent and weed suppressant and rot quickly providing a good food boost around the roots of greedy veg plants such as tomatoes.

An excellent liquid plant feed can be made by filling an empty water butt with comfrey leaves and then covering with water. The resulting mixture should then be left to stew for two weeks until the leaves rot down. The stench is appalling but, the resulting feed is an excellent organic feed for use on vegetables, roses etc. Use dilute at a ratio of 1:10.We use it on the nursery here as it is ideal for giving container plants a boost during the growing season.

The long tap roots and slightly invasive nature of this plant mean it is best to place it in an unloved corner where it can sprawl. We grow a large stand of it near the compost heap so that harvested leaves can just go straight in. Leaves can be harvested several times in a season. 

Incredibly easy to grow in any soil ( water well until established) in sun or part shade. Fully hardy.

Available as good sized, open ground plants.


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