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Common Valerian

Valeriana officinalis

This clump-forming hardy, herbaceous perennial has delicately vanilla-scented flowers which attract insect pollinators.

 Densely packed, pale pink/ creamy white flat flower heads on tall stems up to 1.5m that bloom from May - Sept.

One of the tallest of our grassland flowers, its open, airy habit anf flat flowerheads are reminiscent of Verbena Bonariensis, making it an excellent choice for the border. 

This plant prefers a damp site,which makes it perfect for naturalising around ponds or streams or for that unloved, damp patch at the bottom of the garden that you don't know what to do with.

A sleeping draught known as Valerian often appears in old crime novels - often used as a convenient way to knock out witnesses or intended victims! ( Wild Thyme do not in any way encourage or condone the misuse of plants! )


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