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Marsh Marigold, Kingcup

Caltha palustris

Giant , golden yellow buttercup flowers with numerous yellow stamens, perfect for brightening up a bog garden, damp meadow or moist border and will happily grow in the shallow water margins of a pond, lake or stream where its flowers look incredible multiplied in reflection on the surface of the water.

Fleshy, dark green, kidney shaped leaves provide a good contrast in form with reeds, rushes and water irises.

A robust, leafy, clump-forming perennial growing to a height of 30-50cm.

Many habitats have been lost due to development of riversides and lowland draining.

Flowers produce a yellow dye. Flowers March - June

Good nectar plant.

Prefers full sun or part shade.

The only British native to receive the RHS - AGM

Royal Horticultural Society - Award of Garden Merit.  


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