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Sticky Catchfly

Lychnis viscaria

The destruction of this plants habitats has meant that it is now rarely found growing wild in this country and is limited to parts of North Wales and Scotland.

Similar to Red Campion but, more delicate in appearance, more florific and less invasive.

Bright rosy-purple whorls of flowers on stiff, upright stems above a neat basal rosette of leaves create a haze of colour in a meadow or when planted amongst other perennials towards the front of a border.

The fllowering stems of this plant are sticky towards the top, hence its common name.

Sticky Catchfly grows wild on cliffs and dry grasslands and would be perfect for naturalising in a coastal garden or on a rockery. Catchflies thrive in most well-drained garden soils in sun or part shade and will tolerate acid conditions.

As if the pretty pink flowers and the desire to protect the species weren't reason enough to give this plant house-room, Sticky Catchfly is said to increase the disease resistance of surrounding plants and contains high amounts of brassinosteroids which have been proven to have a positive effect on the growth of nearby plants and are often used in fertilisers.

Loved by butterflies and long-tongued bees.

Fully hardy.



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