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Wild Flowers

Here at Wild Thyme Plants we pride ourselves knowing our Cowslip from our Devils Bit Scabious. Our enthusiasm for Britain's wild flowers means that we strive to bring you the best range of some of the sadly declining favourites we used to see in our hedgerows.

Marsh Marigold, Kingcup£5.95

Marsh Marigold, Kingcup

Giant , golden yellow buttercup flowers with numerous yellow stamens, perfect for brightening up a bog garden, damp meadow or moist border and will...
Meadow Clary£4.95

Meadow Clary

Classified as Near Threatened and currently under protection in the UK, this woody-stemmed perennial produces spikes of deep, violet-blue lipped...



Huge frothy heads of creamy white, sweetly scented flowers from early summer right through to September characterise this sumptuous meadow plant. Its...
Old Man's Beard£5.95

Old Man's Beard

Also known as Traveller's Joy, a pretty and vigorous climber with almond-scented greeny-white flowers from July- August. The flowers are followed by...
Ox-eye Daisy£4.95

Ox-eye Daisy

Masses of huge white daisies up to 2ins across from May to September are loved by bees and butterflies. This classic wildflower of old meadows and...

Purple Loosestrife£6.50

Purple Loosestrife

Numerous long flower spikes of bright, purple-pink flowers from June -August give a stunning blast of height and colour to any border. This robust,...
Ragged Robin£4.95

Ragged Robin

A delicate, slightly rarer perennial. Its name refers to the deeply cut, narrow, spiky petals of these bright purplish-pink flowers which appear from...
Red Campion£4.95

Red Campion

A gorgeous woodland and meadow native, this plant looks fantastic naturalised under trees with Bluebells or Lily-of-the-Valley and equally at home in...