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Wild Flowers

Here at Wild Thyme Plants we pride ourselves knowing our Cowslip from our Devils Bit Scabious. Our enthusiasm for Britain's wild flowers means that we strive to bring you the best range of some of the sadly declining favourites we used to see in our hedgerows.

White Campion£4.95

White Campion

Richly scented white flowers in loose clusters open in the afternoon and at night to attract pollinating moths from May - October. An erect native,...
Wild Garlic£2.95

Wild Garlic

This wild allium is perfect for naturalising under trees where it will happily form a carpet of white flowers, even in deep shade. Ideal too for the...
Wild Mignonette£4.95

Wild Mignonette

Numerous pale yellowish-green frothy flowers on long slender spikes from May, right through to October make this an absolute must for any border....

Wild Strawberry£2.50

Wild Strawberry

The tiny scarlet fruits of the Wild Strawberry, which appear from May-July, have a far superior flavour to any other strawberry as though being small...

Yellow Pimpernel£3.00

Yellow Pimpernel

A cousin of the more well known annual, Scarlet Pimpernel, this hardy perennial is an absolute gem for growing on heavy clay soil in shade. Its...